work includes the award-winning campaign for Child Help USA, which was presented to a special Senatorial

committee investigating child abuse in the U.S. Our production director received a Clio Award for the Burger

King "Some Like It Hot" campaign, a Mobius Award for "Frosty" campaign for 7-11 Stores, and the Key Art

Award for the teaser trailer for the motion picture "Jurassic Park". 

conceived and executed a Scholastic Book's campaign for the story of Ruby Bridges, which resulted in placements

during a three-month period on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The New York Times, The LA Times, CBS Evening News

and People Magazine. 

Our Production team's

Our PR professionals

has over ten years of successes providing web branding and development, such as American Express, Allstate,

IBM, and Mobil. The work is fresh, creative with strong strategic direction, simple clean design and focuses on

the customer experience.

created and brought sponsorship to an annual camp and scholarship for the soccer icon Pelé, which benefited the Children's Aid Society. This ongoing relationship with The World Soccer Organization resulted in producing the scholarship in conjunction with the Rio Film Festival's premiere of “Pelé Forever” at the MOMA.

Our multi-cultural professionals : 

The LA Confidential team consists of the best and the brightest in the business.

devised strategic plans and ongoing programs for clients' interactive presences. We've helped their websites

achieve high visibility and keep it. Our step-by-step optimization process includes keyword and competitive

analysis, site optimization through revised content, web page and source code analysis, and link building

strategy to bring websites to the top of the list of search engine results.

Our Media professionals have: 

Our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing team :

Our Interactive Team

• Developed the first global Print Media buy and French doors campaign for Elizabeth Arden in Elle Magazine 
• Reorganized the largest Media Planning and buying Agency for Interpublic Group
• Developed multi-media campaigns for AT&T with three distinct target audiences - African American,

   Hispanic and Asian Communities

Our Planning and Research team

Our Promotions team

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utilized marketplace and target audience information to develop insights and strategy for the development of

the award-winning campaign for Sauza Tequila that effectively defined the brand image and clearly distinguished

the brand from its dominant competitor. Our Marketing team developed and executed a sports drink sponsorship for Nike, which culminated in a high-profile event with sports celebrities and a t.v. project for NBA star Lebron James. 

created and managed the 2004 National Basketball Association's "Hoop It Up" event, which was sponsored by the

radio station WFAN in New York City. This three-day, multi-sponsored event drew over 100 teams in the tri-state

area, and laid the foundation for this becoming an annual event. 
Our Creative team created and executed the first multi-cultural national TV spot for The Ford Motor Company.