We work with our clients to create powerful email programs that achieve your business objectives. Our services and technology enable high performance results for retention, acquisition, branding and relationship strategies. We define the strategy, objective or program requirement with you and create an email program especially designed for your business.

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Our SEO program provides you with a turnkey solution to reach high search engine placements within the natural search engine results. The process helps your company build your internet brand at a very competitive price.

The main objective for creating a website by any company is to make the web aware of the company and its products / services. For this, Internet marketing plays an important role in driving the visitors to your site using SEO techniques. It is essential that the site should be listed in the top pages of the search engines. The process of getting search engines to pay attention to your web site requires specific, personalized service. To achieve this, proper SEO tools and techniques are applied to the site to achieve higher rankings and make site search engine friendly.

Currently over more than 450 million net users access information/data from over more than 10 billion web pages on the Internet. Over 80 % of the net users seek information through 15 major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Lycos, Excite, HotBot, AOL, etc. Getting listed and properly positioned in these major search engines gives you better search referrals.

There are over more than 10 billion web pages on the Internet today. The largest search engines can only manage 50 to 300 million pages (15 percent of the existing pages on the web). These engines are receiving over more than 10,000 submission requests per day, creating a lot of congestion. 

It's also been reported that the engines are randomly dumping, filtering auto-submissions, and hiring human editors to accept web site submissions. Many of the web site owners are submitting poor HTML code by using automated software.

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