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Diversity Global Source has been a Key Search Firm working in the Following niche areas

Engineering, IT, Human Resources in manufacturing, Supply Chain, Aerospace, Defense, Government, Multi-Nationals, Infrastructure,Security and Global Search 

Financial- Compliance,Security, Legal, Strategy, and Wealth Management, Human Resources and Diversity

Sports -Media, Finance, Operations, Legal,League Management, Partnership and Franchise, Digital and IT

Media-Account Management,Creative,Partnership,Addressable and  Programmatic, New Business,Mergers and Acquisition management

Management Consulting and Outsourcing-Compliance, Due Diligence,Marketing,Media,Security,Financial Operations,Wealth Management and Sponsorship,Human Resources and Diversity

Diversity Global Source  is an Executive Search and Management Consulting firm partnering with Gold Standard Diversity and Professional Associations resulting in Superb,Successful candidates. Our reputation in retention and succession is key to our success

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