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Companies seek to co-source so they can: manage variable cost structures to meet departmental budgets retain control concentrate limited internal resources where they are most effective

What are the benefits of Co-Sourcing?

Co-Sourcing differs in fundamental ways from outsourcing. With outsourcing, employers aim to shift projects to an outside vendor with the hope of saving money, time, and improving service.

The goal of co-sourcing is more ambitious. Co-Sourcing is designed to create a more efficient service by partnering with your company to augment internal resources in whatever way is needed. Companies that form co-sourcing partnerships with LA Confidential are able to rely on our expertise and resources as an added feature, complement, or replacement for internal 
staff. Unlike outsourcing, which would simply move a task or process out of the organization, co-sourcing brings in additional resources that can be applied in a flexible manner across the board.

What is co-sourcing and how does it differ from outsourcing?​

Co-Sourcing allows us to analyze your needs (Project, Business function, Strategy, Goals). We prepare the research, present it to you and  work together with your management team to achieve success.


How does co-sourcing work?

Objective - You tell us about the project, needs and objectives

Analytical - We help you plan to scope of the project

Strategic - We help you define your strategy, initiatives, and other means of getting there

Development - We pool from our vast list of professionals to develop the perfect team

Proposal - We present pricing, identify talent pools management team, and project evaluation.

Results- We make the Goal Possible.